The PowerChess Progression Plan to Chess Mastery!

Have you ever wondered how to help your student become a chess master?

PowerChess is here to help your student take the first step or their next step toward becoming a chess master. PowerChess uses a proprietary curriculum created by US Chess Federation Candidate Master Powell Walker designed to help your student become a skilled chess player while having FUN and accessing the educational and life skills benefits that chess is famous for developing. 

PowerChess has helped 1000s of students learn the foundational principles of chess and progress to compete and win state and national championship titles. We look forward to helping your student achieve their goals as well.


Below is PowerChess’ suggested progression to attain chess mastery through our PowerChess programs. Students are welcome to join anywhere along their journey, from just starting out to experienced players ready to compete in their first local, state, or national tournament!

We look forward to seeing your student across the board.

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