Private Chess Lessons

Candidate Master Powell Walker

Private lessons with US Chess Candidate Master, Powell Walker, are available for adults and youth, online and/or in-person in the Salt Lake area. These lessons are an excellent opportunity for a chess enthusiast to get focused one-on-one training from a USCF-titled player and former International Youth Chess Champion.
Beginning students can expect to learn tactical patterns, mating patterns, opening ideas, and other strategies, while more advanced players may choose to focus on game analysis and specific openings. Lessons are easily modified to a player’s specific level and goals.
To elevate your chess play, schedule a free trial lesson today. All free trial private lessons are taught by USCF Candidate Master, Powell Walker, as a means to evaluate a student’s chess style and to create a plan toward chess mastery. No purchase is required.

60 minute lessons $100/hour

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