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What are the benefits of playing chess?

Educators and parents have long known that chess is an excellent tool to teach students mathematical concepts. However, recently, research has also demonstrated its connection to standards in the fields of language arts (reading, writing, oral presentation), social studies (geography and mapping), and science (graphing and critical thinking skills).

(Image source: “Can Chess Enhance STEM Skills?” by Andrea Garrison from ChessKid.com. Read the full article HERE)


  • Chess boosts intellect. Did you know Founding Father Benjamin Franklin wrote an essay titled, ” The Morals of Chess”, which discusses how he believed chess served a much higher purpose than just entertainment? Due to its strategic nature, chess strengthens memory, lengthens attention spans, and helps grow logical thinking.
  • Chess helps players to learn to plan ahead. A good chess player plans their moves, and tries to think ahead of what their opponent will do next. These skills can carry over into everyday life.
  • The world of chess is social! It can bring together people of all ages, from all walks of life. Chess programs and tournaments are a great way to meet new people and make friends with similar interests.
  • Playing chess provides healthy competition and can help teach children to remain calm when they are under pressure. Since chess is played under a time constraint, players learn to stay focused under time pressure. It also facilitates an environment to gracefully lose and humbly win as you treat your opponent with respect.

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The PowerChess Program is designed to help students achieve ALL of these benefits!


PowerChess uniquely combines the expertise of US Chess Federation Candidate Master, Powell Walker, and a proven curriculum to help your students achieve these results. PowerChess balances the use of the ChessKids.com curriculum,which is 100% student-safe and student-friendly, with in-person instruction and competitive classroom tournaments. This format allows students to learn the foundational principles of chess in just a few weeks and then dive deeper into chess strategies and complex problem-solving. PowerChess students have gone on from the program to win state titles and compete in national tournaments.

PowerChess is very grateful to both parents and educators for the opportunity to help students develop these skills that will benefit them throughout their education, work experience, and life!

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