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Bring a PowerChess Program to Your Student’s School

This past school year, PowerChess has helped over 200 students start their journey to chess mastery in after-school programs throughout the Salt Lake City area. In May, these students and others from around the state will gather together to compete in the Utah State Scholastic Chess Championship. We are very grateful to be a part of this growing sport in Utah and look forward to bringing chess to even more schools and students next year.



In the Fall of 2023, PowerChess will offer a variety of chess programs to accommodate the unique needs and desires of participating students. Our after-school chess programs are designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for students to learn and grow, and we believe that they would be a valuable addition to your child’s school’s extracurricular activities. Please read below to find a program best suited for your child and to learn about the educational benefits available to them through participating in a structured chess program.


Why Chess?
Chess is a game that is FUN and enormously beneficial to developing young students’ minds. Studies have consistently shown that chess play can improve critical thinking skills, memory, and creativity, boost academic performance, increase focus and concentration, and build confidence. Chess also teaches valuable life skills, such as patience, sportsmanship, and perseverance.



(Image source: “Can Chess Enhance STEM Skills?” by Andrea Garrison from ChessKid.com.)


All the PowerChess after-school programs are uniquely designed to harness these benefits in a safe and supportive environment. Our curriculum engages students through hands-on learning, multi-media presentations, group instruction, and in-class tournament chess practice. PowerChess has also partnered with ChessKid.com, the world’s largest children’s chess platform, to bring a full continuum of learning from the classroom to home. This proven format allows students to learn the foundational principles of chess in just a few weeks and then dive deeper into chess strategies and complex problem-solving while having FUN.



Why a PowerChess for Schools program?
We have tailored our after-school programs to be flexible and easily modifiable to meet the specific needs of any school. We offer after-school programs of various lengths, levels, and price points that can be custom-tailored to your school and students. The PowerChess programs can also be blended with existing club programs to provide additional structure and learning opportunities to your students. Please contact us directly for a pricing quote for your school.


Sample pricing for Salt Lake City area schools:

PowerUp Chess Program – 6-week program $89

PowerChess Tournament Chess – 6-week program $89


What programs are offered in the PowerChess for Schools?
PowerUp Chess Program: A 6- or 12 -Week Course designed to help students learn the FUNdamentals of chess including basic piece movement, checkmating patterns, and other foundational principles of the game in a dynamic and engaging environment.


PowerChess Tournament Chess Program: A 6- or 12-week advanced course designed to help take students chess to the next level through playing weekly tournament games, learning new tactical patterns, checkmating patterns, endgame ideas, and opening principles.


What is included in a PowerChess Program?
Premium 1-hour weekly instruction led by trained PowerChess professionals
Hands-on, engaging, structured curriculum
Premium membership to Chesskid.com for continuity of learning at home
Weekly prizes and recognition
Structured in class chess tournaments


At PowerChess’ current price point, we are one of the most affordable after-school programs offered in Utah. Our focus, however, is not to be just a great value to parents and schools; our focus is to prepare students’ minds to problem-solve the critical and creative thinking challenges of tomorrow. It is our hope to bring chess and its associated developmental benefits to all students in Utah.


To bring a PowerChess program to your child’s school, however, we need the support of parents like you. By expressing your interest in an after-school chess program to a school administrator, you can help us demonstrate the demand for this program and make it more likely to be approved. We are happy to provide you with information about the program, including curriculum, schedules, and costs. We can also help you prepare a proposal to present to your school’s administration outlining the benefits of chess and the PowerChess program.


In appreciation of your support and effort, we offer class discounts to families responsible for creating PowerChess programs at local schools. Please call for more information about our school referral program.


Thank you for your time and consideration. We hope you will join us in powering up students’ minds through chess.


Powell Walker
Founder of PowerChess, LLC.
United States Chess Federation-
Candidate Master
Tel: 602-989-5228



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