PowerChess FUNdamentals Program

PowerChess FUNdamentals program

The PowerChess FUNdamentals after school 12-week or 6-week program is for students new to chess and who have not completed a FUNdamentals course. In the FUNdamentals program, students learn how to move all the pieces and develop strategies that support the foundational principles of chess and improve critical-thinking abilities. Students can expect to spend the first 3-4 weeks becoming proficient in piece movement and other foundational game principles. Once mastered, students will learn basic checkmating patterns, chess opening ideas, and play in weekly, tournament-style, chess games. All students in the PowerChess FUNdamental program receive a premium GOLD membership to the world’s largest children’s chess website, chesskid.com (a value of $25.00). Chesskid.com allows students to practice the skills they are learning in the PowerChess program at home by studying lessons and solving chess puzzles that follow the PowerChess FUNdamental program. Students can also safely play chess games against youth around the globe and from their school on the chesskid.com site. The FUNdamental program is a perfect fit for both students who want to learn the game of chess and students who have some but limited experience playing the game of chess.
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